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Our goal is to being the   leader in the sourcing and distribution of petroleum-based energy products to Asia.   We are committed to helping solve a host of multinational supply and distribution issues which Asia has experienced over the last 20 years.  We believe we can make a difference wherever we do business by capitalizing on our innovation and efficiency to provide consistent petroleum sourcing and predictable distribution.


AMARAMCO company


The Asia need for energy is growing, but so too is our ability to meet that demand.   Our teams have been discovering new and better ways of delivering petroleum energy since 2012.   We are focusing our efforts in solving our clients' petroleum sourcing needs.


AMARAMCO operations


To develop our reliability, our researching operations span the globe in acquiring, sourcing, contracting, distribution and marketing of oil related products.  We’re constantly motivated to bring new technologies and contracts to bear in our operations.  From developing new and improved processes to adapting existing   tools to meet our client’s needs, our operations managers are at the forefront of investigating ways to improve the distribution of petroleum.


Doing business with AMARAMCO


AMARAMCO OIL LTD import & exporting is a trading partner linking Middle Eastern, Russian, European and American petroleum producers with Asian Refiners. Our focus is the trading of oil and oil related products. AMARAMCO Import & Export provides sourcing, shipping, contractual and logistical support to Asian refiners seeking an affordable connection to Middle Eastern and world Oil suppliers.


AMARAMCO specialize in securing long term multi-year contracts for specialty petroleum products. AMARAMCO work to mitigate the risk in a constantly fluctuating market. At AMARAMCO, we make every effort to work with leading Asian refiners in acquiring needed bulk petroleum product. We realize that developing partnerships lead to more jobs and a stronger international and domestic economy.    We inspire and support those with entrepreneurial spirit and work collaboratively with our business allies for continuous improvement leading to superior cost efficiency in the delivery of petroleum products.